What is iTaste ?
iTaste is an Internet and mobile social network dedicated to gastronomy. It is a word of mouth community specialised in good food and restaurants. As one of our members put it: «iTaste is the fusion of Facebook and the Michelin guide».

How does iTaste develop itself ?
iTaste is expanding continually thanks to users and restaurant owners: the iTaster community helps iTaste by adding missing restaurants and information; iTaste and its partnerships with restaurant owners enable them to communicate directly with their clientèle using the website. iTaste's content is not influenced by our partners: unflattering ratings are not erased, paying restaurants are not put forward, etc.

Why should I use my real name in iTaste ?
iTaste is a unique service providing users with a place to voice their opinions without nicknames or censorship. Being able to see the iTasters' real name makes the website more transparent and user-friendly. Moreover, a rating seems more serious and trustworthy if one can clearly associate it to a person's name.

Why do the grades of some ratings have exclamation marks ?
On iTaste, a restaurants' grade has a great influence on choosing a place one wants to go to. In order to make the grades more reliable, the ratings are influenced by one's reputation. For instance, if Peter (138 Reputation Points) gives 19/20 to a restaurant and Paul (1579 Reputation Points) gives 12/20, the average grade will be 13/20, not 16/20 as it was before.

The grades awarded by members with less than 100 Reputation Points are marked by a small exclamation mark.

iTaste also recognises it's most influential members' expertise. You want to have more influence on fellow iTasters' choices? Gain more Reputation Points by writing appreciated ratings!

How to subscribe or unsubscribe from emails ?
A new feature is provided in your profile so that you can manage your email preferences and subscribe to alerts for you town. To follow a particular restaurant, go to its page and click on «Receive an iTaste Alert for this Restaurant». You can also subscribe to a member's ratings by going to his page and clicking on «iTaste Alerts». This way, you'll never miss a rating! You can stop following a restaurant at any moment by unselecting it on it's page or your profile.

How to unsubscribe of iTaste?
To totally unsubscribe of iTaste and delete your data, just send a demand at contact@itaste.com

What is iTaste Match ?
iTaste Match is a tool developed by iTaste that enables you to find users that share your tastes (same favourite food, restaurants, quiz results). By following like-minded members (with whom you share a high iTaste Match) you can discover their favourite restaurants, ratings and dining experiences. Don't wait, complete your profile and compare your iTaste Match with your friends!

Can I invite friends to join ?
Of course! You can invite friends to join iTaste and hence share your ratings and favourite restaurants with them. To do so, just go to the page «Invite a Friend» in the main page's left menu. After filling out the required fields, an email will be sent to yourfriends asking them to join. Each friend you invite earns you 10 Contribution Points.

What does «follow a friend» mean ?
It means having access to his favourite restaurants, ratings and where he wants to go.

What are «followers» ?
They are members that have integrated you into their iTaste community. They can access your ratings and ask you for recommendations.

What is «My Reputation» ?
It measures how much trust the iTaster community has in you and you food critic abilities. Your friends consider you as the go-to person for restaurant advice? This is where your reputation is measured according to the following criteria:
− someone agrees with one of your ratings
− someone adds a restaurants to their «to go» list after having read your rating
− someone follows your taste.

What is «My Contribution» ?
It measures the members' activity. The more you are active and contribute to the website by rating restaurants, adding info, etc., the more Contribution Points you gain. These points can be exchanged for gifts & goodies.

How do I gain points ?
It's easy! Each one of your actions earns you Contribution Points: writing an advanced rating for a restaurant (50 points), inviting a friend (10 points), completing your profile (5 points), etc. Depending on how many Contribution Points you have, you can receive iTaste goodies (t-shirts, aprons, etc.) or delicious gifts (vouchers for cooking classes, wine tastings, etc.).

How can I exchange my points ?
To thank you for you dynamism and loyalty, your Contribution Points can be exchanged for delicious gifts. Don't hesitate to indulge: your status in the community is based on your Reputation Points only, meaning that exchanging all your Contribution Points will not influence the community's level of trust in you.

When I rate a restaurant, can I share my rating with my Facebook friends ?
Yes, let your friends know about your last ratings by publishing them on Facebook! In order to do so, link your iTaste account to Facebook. This way, each time, iTaste will suggest that you publish your rating on Facebook as well.

Can my iTaste friends see my profile and my Facebook friends ?
No, linking your account to Facebook does not give your iTaste friends access to your Facebook profile.

Can I use iTaste directly on Facebook?
Yes, via the iTaste application. You can search for a restaurant, make a rating and read the ones your friends published on Facebook. However, all of iTaste functionalities are not available on Facebook.

Is the information I publish on Facebook also published on www.itaste.com ?
Yes, all ratings are also published on your iTaste account.

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